Iris is an exploration of colour, opalescence and adularescence. Iris is the personification and goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods in Greek Mythology. Iris linked the gods to humanity by travelling the rainbow. Nano stones in alluring colours including Kryptonite Opal, Emerald Green, Neon Blue and Carbon Grey are a feature of Pip Stent’s new collection. Nano stones are a lab created glass-ceramic gemstone and are an alternative to naturally occurring mined gemstones. Natural White and Blue-Top Moonstones also perform in the collection. When moved from side to side  their milky adularescence appears like light floating on water. Pip’s fascination with pearls continues as she sources new Freshwater, Keshi and South Sea Keshi pearls for Iris. These pearl pieces are limited due to the nature of sourcing unusual high quality pearls.

Photos- Prue Stent

HMU- Lily Swan

Model- Debbie Tram

potential 1.jpg
potential 3.jpg